My research interests focus on the impact of large-scale language testing on instruction, the relationship between classroom assessment and instruction, and the academic and professional acculturation of international and new immigrant students, workers, and professionals to Canada. I received the TOEFL award for outstanding dissertation in second/foreign language testing from Educational Testing Services in 1998, and TESOL Leadership Mentoring Award from TESOL in 2002.

My recent funded research projects include the following:

  • What’s in a Grade? A Multiple Perspective Validity Study on Grading Policies, Practices, Values, and Consequences (PDF Download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator); Christopher DeLuca (Co-Investigator), Queen’s University.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($349,532)
  • Mapping Language Use and Communication Challenges to the Canadian Language Benchmarks and CELPIP-G within Workplace Contexts for Canadian New Immigrants
    Christine Doe (Principal Investigator) Mount Saint Vincent University; Liying Cheng (Co-Investigator), Queen’s University; Scott Roy Douglas, the University of British Columbia
    Funded by Paragon Testing Enterprises ($50,000)
  • Test Preparation: Does It Enhance Test Performance And English Language Proficiency? (PDF Download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator); Hong Wang (Co-Investigator), Mount Saint Vincent University; Lynette May (Co-Investigator), Queensland University of Technology; Shahrzad Saif (Co-Investigator), Université Laval. Research News.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($200,005)
  • Motivation, Test Anxiety and Language Test Performance: An International Investigation (PDF Download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator); Don Klinger (Co-Investigator), Queen’s University; Janna Fox (Co-Investigator), Carleton University; Yan Jin (Co-Investigator), Shanghai Jiaotong University; Jessica Wu (Co-Investigator), The Language Training and Testing Center.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($75,000)
  • Second Language Immersion and Students’ Academic Success (PDF Download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator); John Kirby and Lesly Wade-Woolley (Co-Investigators), Queen’s University; Haiyan Qiang (Co-Investigators), South China Normal University.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($75,000)
  • An impact study of a high-stakes ESL assessment innovation in Hong Kong secondary schools
    Steve Andrews (Principal Investigator), University of Hong Kong, and Liz Hamp-Lyons, Christine Davison, University of Hong Kong, Liying Cheng (Co-Investigators), Queen’s University
    Funded by UGC (University Grants Committee) ($176,883 equivalent)
  • Impact of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test on Second Language Students (PDF download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator); Janna Fox (Co-investigator), Carleton University, and Don Klinger (Collaborator), Queen’s University. See Research Spotlights.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($130,627).
  • Costs and Benefits: English for Academic Purposes Instruction in Canadian Universities (PDF download)
    Janna Fox (Principal Investigator), Carleton University; Liying Cheng (Co-investigator), Queen’s University; and Robert Berman (Co-investigator), University of Alberta.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($125,023).
  • Developmental Evaluation for Alternative Teacher Accreditation Program for Teachers with International Experience (PDF download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator) with Lyn Shulha, Don Klinger and Bob Wilson (Co-investigators), Assessment and Evaluation Group, Queen’s University.
    Funded by The MTCU (Ministry of Training, College and Universities) ($54,000).
  • An Investigation of ESL/EFL Teachers’ Classroom Assessment Practices (PDF download)
    Liying Cheng (Principal Investigator); Todd Rogers (Co-investigator), University of Alberta.
    Funded by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ($120,000).